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Mobile & Ground Based Atmospheric Instrument Platforms

Tornadoes and Tornadic supercells

Storm Structure - Supercells Outflow Mammatus

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ABOUT THESE IMAGES:  These images were taken with print film up until March of 1999 and then slide film from March of 1999 to 2002.  Images shot from 2003 to present were taken with a Canon D60 digital SLR.  Old print and slide scans were done with cheap scanner technology, so images will remain poor until I upgrade to a better scanner (in summer 2007).  Some of the more significant publications include National Geographic Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, WeatherWise Magazine, StormTrack Magazine, UCAR Quarterly, many science text books, and misc. magazines.  All of these images are copyrighted.  Any reproduction of these images is strictly prohibited except for personal / educational use or if written consent is given by the photographer.  In no way may the image for personal / educational use be altered or the copyright label be removed unless consent is given by the photographer.   For any questions see my Copyright Information Page or this page regarding the purchase or license of imagery.

COMMERCIAL INQUIRES:  If you're wanting to use any of these photos, please visit to purchase a license.

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