Sometimes there just isn't a good place for a picture, thus, I put miscellaneous images here on this page.  Images related to my school, my friends, interesting places, etc are posted here.  I have more images I would like to add when I get the time.


031014-4b.jpg (33957 bytes)      031014-6b.jpg (31457 bytes)      000000-3b.jpg (29144 bytes)      030905-8b.jpg (7353 bytes)      The Meteorology Department was on the top four floors of Sarkey's Energy Center at the University of Oklahoma.  Summer of 2006, the Meteorology Department moved to the National Weather Center.  The first two images show one of the SMART-R mobile radar trucks parked in front on display. Third Image shows the Doppler on Wheels (DOW-3), parked outside for a radar meteorology course taught by Dr. Wurman.  Last image shows how the University of Oklahoma students welcome the first Phase Array Doppler Radar with open arms!  Here is Steve Vanderburg (NWS SGX) hugging the base of the radar.

050522-10b.jpg (40631 bytes)     050522-11b.jpg (51249 bytes)     050522-12b.jpg (38444 bytes)     050522-13b.jpg (30845 bytes)      We were on our way into NE Colorado and decided to visit the "tallest spot in Nebraska" via a sign we saw.  While in route, we kept passing various ICBM "minuteman" sites.  We stopped at one to take some photos since we were bored.  Five minutes went by before the military showed up.   We new they probably had ground sensors or some way of detecting people near the silos.  They were nice and asked us to leave the area as it was restricted.  We left shortly and continued toward Colorado.  There are more than 50 ICBM Missile sites between Cheyenne, WY, Sidney, NE, and Scottsbluff, NE.

050516-1b.jpg (31403 bytes)      050516-2b.jpg (32245 bytes)      050516-3b.jpg (36247 bytes)      The Chalk Pyramids southeast of Oakley, Kansas.  Image shows Chris Collura and Scott Blair walking threw a weathered hole in the rock.

060607-2b.jpg (35721 bytes)     060607-3b.jpg (38320 bytes)     060607-4b.jpg (45238 bytes)     060607-5b.jpg (32553 bytes)      I don't recall where we saw this old church, I'm thinking it was in E Nebraska near the Iowa border.  Inside was a very large owl that flew out the window.  It had an old piano with the last patent date of 1890.  The far right image shows the basement, where it was very cold and muggy.

050628-6b.jpg (32472 bytes)      There are times when we neglect to make hotel reservations and they're booked within a 100 mile radius.  All of SE South Dakota had full hotels, no matter what the price, they were all taken.  A big soccer tournament was going on that weekend.  So we had to sleep in the car with the windows rolled up as mosquitoes were really bad up there.  It was very warm and humid.  One chaser found a cozy spot to sleep, with plenty of leg room!

050516-4b.jpg (58884 bytes)      050516-10b.jpg (59816 bytes)      Some nature images from the botanical gardens in Fort Worth (left) and Oklahoma City (right).

040608-1b.jpg (30220 bytes)     040608-2b.jpg (26205 bytes)     040608-3b.jpg (29234 bytes)     Three images from the NCAR Mesa Lab.  First image showing the tornado model which we had fun playing with, second showing a copy of the Coffeyville, KS hail stone, and third image showing the Mesa Lab itself located in Boulder, CO.

050516-5b.jpg (37849 bytes)      Even after several years, a skyscraper in downtown Fort Worth still bares scars from a strong tornado that went through the city back in 2000.   The windows are covered with metal to ensure no parts fall to the ground.

050516-6b.jpg (35750 bytes)      The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, from several thousand feet.   View is looking west.

050525-3b.jpg (30058 bytes)      050525-4b.jpg (22579 bytes)      A before and after shot of the Capulin Volcano in northeast New Mexico.  A fast moving cold front was diving south and upslope clouds developed, engulfing the mounting.  Luckily, we were there just as it began to hit!

050525-5b.jpg (30710 bytes)      050525-6b.jpg (23532 bytes)      050525-7b.jpg (31473 bytes)      050525-8b.jpg (35725 bytes)      Images of inside the crater as the fast moving clouds swirled inside.  We threw up a balloon with no helium and watched as it swirled several times and shot out the top.  Winds on the north side of the crater were gusting to 50mph.

050525-9b.jpg (27157 bytes)      050525-10b.jpg (29398 bytes)      050525-11b.jpg (28579 bytes)      A view looking off the northeast side of the mountain.   Also, as we drove south, a thick cloud deck extended off to the west of a small mountain range.

050607-35b.jpg (47511 bytes)      After a long day of observing severe weather, one can kick back and enjoy a hail burger.

020000-1b.jpg (34088 bytes)     020000-12b.jpg (41115 bytes)     Campus from the 14th floor of Sarkey's Energy Center, looking out the synoptic lab windows.

020000-2b.jpg (25131 bytes)     020000-7b.jpg (32720 bytes)     Various places that friends and I study at OU.  Sometimes it was easier to use dry erase boards that span from one side of a room to the other.

020000-4b.jpg (29680 bytes)     The old Weatherwise magazine that talks about the largest hail on record at the time.

020000-11b.jpg (39351 bytes)     One of our labs in our Instruments Class was performing rising and falling step functions to determine response time using old mobile mesonet laptops from NSSL.

010000-6b.jpg (22454 bytes)     Artillery hitting a mountain in SW OK.

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