2001 May 29
Copyright 2001 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  S TX PAN / W TX / NW TX

Discussion: Started out at our favorite spot, Aspermont, TX.  We left in late morning through a vicious lightning storm (that a proper term?).  Basically a weak elevated line moved through with some spotty heavy precip and extraordinary CG.  We jokingly picked Turkey as our town to get hit for the day, mainly due to a friend of ours that got struck by Turkey's a day or two before which left his window bashed in.


010529-1b.jpg (9906 bytes)     010529-2b.jpg (9956 bytes)     010529-3b.jpg (11054 bytes)     Hail began to fall, hail shaft seen on the right side.  Awesome supercell developing with inflow winds measured at 30-40mph sustained!

010529-4b.jpg (10157 bytes)     010529-6b.jpg (10308 bytes)     010529-9b.jpg (12460 bytes)     010529-7b.jpg (9291 bytes)      Winds were measured along the tail cloud looking west, with a wallcloud developing under a rather elongated base.  The beaver tail looking NNE, with wallcloud and dust being lifted into the inflow tail.

010529-11b.jpg (14677 bytes)      The UMass 3cm and mm radars were scanning this storm.

010529-12b.jpg (10508 bytes)      010529-13b.jpg (11312 bytes)      Turkey, Texas, rapid rotation aloft and at the surface with dust.

010529-14b.jpg (9722 bytes)      010529-15b.jpg (10830 bytes)      Storm still rages on near midnight, hour after producing tornado.

Additional Info: Three MCD's for this storm.




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