2001 May 27
Copyright 2001 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  SW KS / NW OK

Discussion: I chased with Amos Magliocco, Jeff Lawson, Chris Collura, and many others out there.  We started out around Meade, KS watching distant storms fire up with DITOR's.  Once cell finally went up to our NE which quickly formed a wall cloud and funnel.  The storm quickly got over taken by the outflow from storms / MCC to the north.  We all watched the gust front approach wondering what our next move would be.  Along the gust front some strong rotation began to form.  We were not sure what to call it since it was along a gust front.   I coined the term "gust meso" to compensate for the strange phenomena.   Dust formed underneath it and it too was overtaken eventually.  When this happened I parked myself off the main road (forgot the name) and waited for the wind and hail.  Winds began to pick up to 40-50mph and it didn't take long for the first severe criteria wind gust measured at 58mph.  Winds then generally sustained themselves at 60-65mph with gusts a little over 70mph.  Half way through the event my anemometer propeller broke from one of my antennas bending 90 degrees into it.  This happened because I parked with the rear of my car point into the wind, which isn't designed to take the wind in that direction.  I've since fixed that problem.  With the threat of damaging another shaft I took it off when winds slowed to a little over 40mph.

Chris and I drove south to Gage where some power lines were down keeping us from reaching Woodward, OK.  After taking some muddy roads we finally got to Woodward and met back up with Amos and Jeff at Pizza Hut.


010527-1b.jpg (12431 bytes)     010527-2b.jpg (14830 bytes)      010527-3b.jpg (14929 bytes)      The tour vans move south after wall cloud and funnel dissipate.  Strong rotation develops along the gust front for some reason.   Dust then begins to lift into the circulation.  Gustnado I suppose.

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