2007 April 24
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Chase Area:  South Texas
Amos Magliocco, Rob Hall, and I targeted northwest Texas if convection could hold off until peak heating.  The main target appeared to be Kansas, however we all had obligations the next day and we didn't want to deal with an all night drive back home.  On our way out of the Texas Panhandle, storms fired early along the dryline, significantly modifying instability that was needed for supercells that may redevelop along the dryline later that day.  So we drove south towards Brownwood, Texas, for redevelopment along the dryline to the south.

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On Going Storms - Mineral Wells, Texas
As we approached I-20 heading south towards Stevenville, Texas, we passed through the back side of a shelf cloud with some amazing structure.  This is some of the best back-side shelf structure I've ever seen.
070424-1b.jpg (26413 bytes)
Supercell - Blanket, Texas
Storms were developing near Brownwood, Texas, and moving northeast into an area of marginal roads and many trees.  Storms briefly developed wallclouds with occasional funnels before getting undercut.  After chasing several supercells that day, we called it a day towards dusk.
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Supercell - Gustine, Texas
On our way north we had to avoid another tornado warned storm to our west.  The images shows the north side of this storm as well as the weird sunset we got.
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