2007 April 23
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Chase Area:  Texas Panhandle
Amos Magliocco, Rob Hall, and I targeted the Texas Panhandle for tornadic supercells along the dryline.  Very strong shear and high instability were forecasted, however cool modified surface air from Oklahoma under a high cloud canopy precluded the instability from being realized that day.  Despite this, a gorgeous long-lived LP supercell developed northeast of Amarillo, Texas, and tracked northeast towards Pampa, Texas.

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LP Supercell - Pampa, Texas
As we approached the storm we realized it wasn't the big mean supercell that appeared on radar, but instead had a thin updraft with limited precipitation.  We got a good view of it north of Groom, Texas, off I-40, and realized we were going to have a great structure show if we could get the sun out of our eyes.  As we flanked the storm to get in better lighting, a laminar band of cloud blocked our great view of the updraft.  It took 20-30 minutes for us to regain our view, which the storm didn't disappoint structure wise!  The series of images below shows the life cycle of this storm, all the way to the demise north of Pampa, Texas.   We ran into Kenneth McCallister north of Pampa and had dinner with him before finding a hotel room in town.
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