2007 April 13
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Chase Area:  Northwest Texas
Amos Magliocco and I left Fort Worth at 10am with an initial target around I-20 near Eastland, Texas.  Our target was fluid as we wanted to see how far north the warm front lifted as well as if instability developed north of I-20.  We ate lunch at a cafe in Ranger, Texas, and at 1pm we watched the front lift north quickly past Ranger.  We met up with Tony Laubach and gain from Colorado.  We drove north on Hwy 183 towards Throckmorton and continued north to Seymour where we calculated that we would meet the storm just before it reached town.   SPC mesoanalysis showed CAPE of 3000 J/Kg just south of the warm front.   Storms fired along the dryline and quickly moved northeast, slowing and intensifying as they hit the warm front.

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Strong Supercell - Seymour, Texas
As we approached the storm, we could see a shelf with outflow surging out, with a lowering further north.  The updraft was rotating hard, with some hint of structure.
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Rapidly Developing Tornado - Seymour, Texas
Very strong RFD cut into the updraft which rapidly intensified the low level mesocyclone.  We began to see tennis ball to baseball hail falling with rapid rain curtains.  Multiple vorticies began to touch down around 1938 UTC.  The center image shows the tornado as it crossed the road behind the white sign.  This did damage to trees and power lines on Hwy 183 south of Seymour, Texas.
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Wedge Tornado - Seymour, Texas
This tornado rapidly developed into a wedge, estimated at a half mile wide width.  The motion at the ground level looked violent as it drilled into the ground.  We lost sight of it at around 1944 UTC.  We tried to call this into the NWS and had trouble, but Tony called it into 911, which called us back 5 minutes after we lost sight of it, saying it was still on the ground.
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Baseball Hail - Seymour, Texas
As we drove into Seymour, we observed a large swath of baseball hail that covered much of the city as well as street flooding.
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