2006 June 10
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Chase Area:  Nebraska Panhandle
We stayed the night in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, which we woke up to target that town for storms.  So we had a leisure breakfast and waited for storms to fire.
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Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Supercell
A storm developed in far eastern Wyoming, moving towards Scottsbluff.  The road I tried to take was closed with various bridges were out on alternate routes.  Luckily, the closed road wasn't too bad and it lead straight towards the storms updraft.  Structure was amazing early on as well as the mammatus.  It eventually began to weaken after an hour and became a shelf.  With that storm weakening we drove east towards new convection near Alliance, Nebraska.
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Supercell on the One Lane Road
A supercell developed over Alliance and moved into no man's land, however Scott found a one-lane paved road that lead straight towards that storm.  We took this windy road through the hills and eventually got to the storm.  It had a tornado look-alike outflow finger and a decent updraft.   This quickly transitioned into an outflow dominant storm, so we allowed the storm to hit us to measure the wind and see if any hail was in it.  The wind was sustained at 40-45mph at times with a gust of 56mph.  We were located 16.2 miles NNE (205) of Oshkosh, NE, on Hwy 193 out of Ashby, NE.  Duration of wind event was ~2209 - 2219 UTC with gust occurring at 2214 UTC.  We then called it a day and drove down to Goodland, Kansas, for the night.
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