2005 June 12
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Area Chased:  W TX

Discussion: Amos Magliocco, Scott Blair, Jason Poliette, and myself left our hotel in AMA and went SE on 287.  There was on going convection to our N and NE that sustained a gust front just north of 287.  The threat for supercells on this boundary appeared extremely marginal giving how strong the cold pool was and the undercutting nature that would ensue.

We dove south towards some convective towers near Turkey, and then Metador, TX.  Neither seemed to organize very well.  New storms formed on the tail end south of Spur, TX.  We dove south and encountered a violent supercell northwest of Jayton, TX.  We observed many tornadoes including an orange dusty wedge.   When the storm began to get seeded by the southern storm, Amos and myself drove east of the storm getting some awesome structure shots.  We dove south towards the southern storm, but found it to be too outflow dominant to be tornadic.  We chased it until sunset and found a nice hidden dinner place in Jayton, TX.  Amos, Scott, Jason, and myself met up with Bob Fritchie and Rachael Sigler for dinner.


050612-1b.jpg (22651 bytes)      050612-2b.jpg (27427 bytes)     050612-3b.jpg (23229 bytes)     We dove south towards this storm and immediately realized this was going to be a very significant storm.

050612-4b.jpg (23321 bytes)      050612-5b.jpg (23677 bytes)     050612-6b.jpg (25425 bytes)     050612-7b.jpg (23189 bytes)      The view was incredible, and luckily my placement allowed me to shoot structure.

050612-8b.jpg (24796 bytes)      050612-9b.jpg (23917 bytes)     050612-10b.jpg (23682 bytes)     050612-11b.jpg (24510 bytes)      More tornadic structure shots.

050612-12b.jpg (24200 bytes)      050612-13b.jpg (24577 bytes)     050612-14b.jpg (24215 bytes)     050612-15b.jpg (23279 bytes)      Continued shots of the first tornado we observed.

050612-16b.jpg (23726 bytes)      050612-17b.jpg (22366 bytes)     050612-18B.jpg (23601 bytes)     050612-19B.jpg (22568 bytes)      The tornado began to dissipate and the far right hand image shows what's left of the tornado with weak debris cloud.

050612-20b.jpg (23279 bytes)      050612-21b.jpg (24469 bytes)     050612-22b.jpg (23335 bytes)     We dove south to flank it and were treated to another brief tornado SE of the first tornado.

050612-23b.jpg (24489 bytes)      A bowl shaped funnel with multiple vortices developed, view is looking WNW.

050612-24b.jpg (23687 bytes)      050612-25b.jpg (23924 bytes)     050612-26b.jpg (24381 bytes)     050612-27b.jpg (24287 bytes)      This bowl shape morphed into a large cone tornado as it came out of a valley.

050612-28b.jpg (25187 bytes)      050612-29b.jpg (24201 bytes)     050612-30b.jpg (27160 bytes)     050612-31b.jpg (27270 bytes)      Shot of Amos taking a still as it began to show signs of occlusion and intensification.

050612-32b.jpg (27193 bytes)      050612-33b.jpg (26719 bytes)     050612-34b.jpg (26906 bytes)     050612-35b.jpg (27809 bytes)      The tornado morphed into a dusty wedge tornado.

050612-36b.jpg (27972 bytes)      050612-37b.jpg (27843 bytes)     050612-38b.jpg (27476 bytes)     Very tight mesocyclone and associated large tornado.

050612-39b.jpg (25857 bytes)      050612-40b.jpg (24862 bytes)     We finally got cut off by the RFD and got some strong winds at our location.

050612-41b.jpg (26010 bytes)      050612-42b.jpg (25579 bytes)     050612-43b.jpg (25608 bytes)     050612-44b.jpg (23289 bytes)      Amos and I drove east and got a view of the whole storm.  It then began to produce yet another tornado!  It's hard to see in the first few shots.

050612-45b.jpg (25789 bytes)      050612-46b.jpg (23122 bytes)     050612-47b.jpg (25829 bytes)     050612-48b.jpg (25464 bytes)      Some more images of structure and the tornado.  It looks like an easy shot, but it was actually quite hard.  It was raining steadily and lightning was too close for comfort.   So I could run up the hill since my car was in a valley, take a few pictures, and if it looked like the tornado dissipated I would run back down the hill to take shelter in the car.  Then Amos would say it looks like it might be touching down again, so I would run up back up the hill and risk the lightning.  :-)

050612-49b.jpg (23760 bytes)      The storm began to weaken rapidly, but not without some incredible structure.  Nice smooth beaver tail extended from the storm well to our NE.

050612-50b.jpg (26708 bytes)      050612-51b.jpg (24630 bytes)     050612-52b.jpg (24281 bytes)     050612-53b.jpg (24196 bytes)      The second supercell was briefly tornadic and then became HP.  The structure on it was nice, and it occasionally had wallclouds before getting undercut.

050612-54b.jpg (31801 bytes)      We were treated to a gorgeous mammatus display just before we ate dinner at a small diner in Jayton, TX.

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