2005 June 2
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Chase Area:  Eastern Colorado
Amos Magliocco, Dave Fick, and myself targeted E CO hoping something would fire on the boundary.  Instead, the boundary washed out and we were watching storms developing not to far to our NW near Limon.  We raced north to I-70 and blasted west towards the Limon supercell.   When we arrived, the storm had matured into violent supercell with baseball hail being reported on I-70 west of Limon.
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Violent Supercell - Limon, Colorado
As we approached, we could tell right off the bat the structure would be great on this storm.  Softball sized hail was being reported on I-70 just northwest of Limon, Colorado.  Despite tornadoes being reported, I knew the structure shots would out weigh any tornado shots I got, so I raced back east to keep my wide angle shot of the storm.  Towards the end of the sequence of photos, the storm was approaching Arriba, Colorado, as it moved southeast.
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Stacked Plate Supercell - Flagler, Colorado
I caught back up with Amos as we watched this stack plate supercell move southeast towards Flagler, Colorado.
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Night-time Supercells - Kit Carson, Colorado
After the storm dissipated, Amos, Dave, and I went south to Kit Carson, Colorado, to find dinner.  We found a nice country dinner place to eat.   After dinner, we went outside and saw a striated LP supercell off to our west with a lot of lightning.  We drove west of town and shot stills for about an hour.   What a way to end a perfect day!  We stopped again that night to observe more storms in the Colorado Prairie.  You can see the stars in the last two shots.
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