2005 May 13
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Chase Area:  Northwest Texas
Scott Currens and I observed a long-lived supercell in NW Texas.  Initial threat for tornadoes existed, and then the storm developed into a mean HP supercell, with great structure!  We targeted Paducah, TX, where we ate lunch and waited for storms.  We then went up to CDS to get some data while hanging out with other chasers.  Finally, convection developed near Paducah and slowly moved eastward.
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Tornadic Supercell - Paducah, Texas
Initial convection fired over Paducah, Texas, and slowly moved eastward.  A wallcloud developed, but due to lack of roads we decided to flank it for structure to the southeast and give up seeing any tornadoes.  A cone tornado was observed by other chasers.
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Storm Goes HP - Haskell, Texas
We took one wrong turn thinking we would be able to re-flank the storm and encountered strong winds in a broad cyclonic fashion.  After that, we dared not venture back into the storm.
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