2005 May 12
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Chase Area:  West Texas
We were chasing the day before and had to stay the night in Hays, KS.  We woke up a bit late and quickly went south towards LBB where we finally encountered the Plainview supercell.  Storms were developing along an old frontal boundary and dryline intersection.  Softball sized hail was already being reported by spotters on this storm.
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Tornadic Supercell - Lone Star, Texas
We drove on a muddy road and stopped 2 miles north of Lone Star, TX.  The winds picked up significantly from the north and were racing into a rapidly developing wallcloud which was 1/2 to our south.   A weak tornado quickly developed and luckily was moving northeast.  A second area of strong rotation appeared to our due north moving south, which eventually developed into a larger cone tornado.  So we got out of it's path and went back to a paved road 1/4 to our west.  The tornado last several minutes and quickly got rain wrapped.   Since we were in route to get out of its way, I wasn't able to take stills, however Scott got some good video of it.  We went south on the main paved road that passes Lone Star to the west and re-flanked the storm.
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Tornadic Supercell - South Plains, Texas
We unfortunately didn't go after a new meso that developed and went to our northeast, as this produced a long lived barrel shaped tornado.  Those that got to witness that tornado got softball sized hail that literally destroyed cars.  We ended up flanking that meso while it was still producing a tornado, however it was rain wrapped and we didn't know it was a tornado at the time.
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