2004 May 9
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Chase Area:  Northeast Nebraska
We began the day in Omaha, NE and drove to Sioux Falls, SD to wait for initiation.  Strong TCU developed to our south near Vermillion, SD and points eastward.  Storms appeared high based and disorganized, however, the storm over Vermillion began to back-build southwestward, basically sitting on top of the town.  We took photos of the updraft on the backside and noted a tornado warning that was issued for that cell despite the 30 degree dewpoint depressions.  Storms back at O'Neil, NE gave us an incredible display of mammatus during sunset.
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Severe Storm
View looking north at the storm over Vermillion, South Dakota, as it pretty much sat stationary.  With 30 degree dewpoint depressions we were surprised to see a tornado warning go out on it.  Structure looked decent and once it began to weaken we drove westward to get in position for tomorrows target in western Nebraska.
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Mammatus Everywhere
Near the town of O'Neil, Nebraska, we encountered a sky full of mammatus clouds.
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