2003 June 22
Copyright 2003 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  NE

Discussion: None


030622-1b.jpg (5398 bytes)      030622-2b.jpg (4819 bytes)      Looking west at our supercell over Aurora, NE.

030622-3b.jpg (4559 bytes)     030622-4b.jpg (5006 bytes)      Violent rotation observed as small needle funnels formed and rotated around the main area of rotation.  Some have reported a debris cloud with this but I haven't looked into those reports.

030622-5b.jpg (13044 bytes)     030622-6b.jpg (12886 bytes)      Large hail (7-10 inches in diameter) fell over Aurora, NE from our storm.  Reports from all of the locals is that large 3 - 5 inch stones at times were rimed together causing craters as large as 13 inches in diameter.  Only the broken parts are considered for the official measured diameter.

030622-7b.jpg (13140 bytes)     030622-8b.jpg (12487 bytes)     030622-9b.jpg (12622 bytes)     030622-10b.jpg (10184 bytes)      Each yard only had a few craters, each had a deep impact and they had multiple sub-craters inside them suggesting multiple stones were fused while falling to the surface.  The surveyed yard, a perfect surface to measure hail crater impacts.

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