2003 June 13
Copyright 2003 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  W TX

Discussion: Scott Blair and I targeted Pep, TX.  We waited west of LBB along an outflow boundary which had developing cumulus on it by 6pm.  A storm formed over Littlefield and slowly moved southwestward.  We observed 1 inch hail falling in Littlefield, TX.  We stuck with the west side of the storm which occasionally got organized enough to producing small lowerings of rapidly developing scud.  The storm itself was rotating in the midlevels, however, the storm would gust out when some low level organization occurred.  When our storm weakened we went west to a developing line of storms in Eastern New Mexico.  We took some pictures of the gust front and some lightning behind it until nightfall.


030613-1b.jpg (24282 bytes)     030613-2b.jpg (35340 bytes)     030613-3b.jpg (32693 bytes)     Storm developed near Littlefield, Texas, which produced 1 inch hail.   This caused the traffic on I-27 to take shelter under overpasses.  I prefer this over taking shelter directly ON the highway blocking traffic.  As we enter the town Pep, Texas, we observed occasional lowerings.

030613-4b.jpg (25321 bytes)      030613-5b.jpg (26803 bytes)      030613-6b.jpg (27890 bytes)      The storms eventually morphed into a squall line with strong cold outflow behind the line.

030613-7b.jpg (27033 bytes)      030613-8b.jpg (32756 bytes)            We ended the day watching the mammatus on the back side of the storms.

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