2003 June 12
Copyright 2003 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  E CO

Discussion: Scott Blair and I chased South Dakota the day before and we ended the day in North Platte, NE.  We were too tired to dive south to Childress, TX area so we settled for possible landspouts in Eastern Colorado.  We observed some storms just east of Denver that dropped small hail and had moderate outflow winds.  While driving to Amarillo, TX we stopped to shoot lightning during sunset in SE CO.  Images of this spectacular show are shown below.   When we arrived just north of AMA we received 1 inch hail from a dying LP supercell that previously had reports of baseball hail.


030612-1b.jpg (26842 bytes)     Severe storm just east of Denver International Airport.  You can see the downburst with winds spreading out at the surface.

030612-2b.jpg (29689 bytes)     030612-3b.jpg (26148 bytes)     Spectacular shelf during sunset with dust being kicked up by outflow.

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