2003 June 3
Copyright 2003 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  NE NM

Significant Observations:

     00:05 UTC  -  2+ inch hail at Roy, NM (measured)

Discussion: Jeff Lawson, Scott Blair and I observed a long-lived classic to LP supercell from north of Mills, NM, to Mosquero and SE of Roy, NM.  More when I have time.


030603-1b.jpg (32946 bytes)     030603-2b.jpg (37662 bytes)     030603-3b.jpg (50416 bytes)     Some interesting hail over 2 inches in diameter began to fell.

030603-4b.jpg (23040 bytes)     030603-5b.jpg (27329 bytes)     030603-6b.jpg (26220 bytes)     030603-7b.jpg (23203 bytes)     030603-8b.jpg (25766 bytes)     We got SE of the storm and saw the incredible structure, so we dove SE to get ahead of it to view the entire storm.

030603-9b.jpg (24486 bytes)     030603-10b.jpg (26297 bytes)     030603-11b.jpg (25718 bytes)     030603-12b.jpg (25765 bytes)     We drove off the Ridge and watched as the precip from our storm vanished.

030603-13b.jpg (27302 bytes)     030603-14b.jpg (25282 bytes)     030603-15b.jpg (25115 bytes)     030603-16b.jpg (26624 bytes)     Awesome LP supercell to our WNW moving toward us.  All of these images are shot with a super wide angle lens.

030603-17b.jpg (26933 bytes)     030603-18b.jpg (26582 bytes)     030603-19b.jpg (26702 bytes)     It eventually began to weaken, but still rotating.

030603-20b.jpg (27896 bytes)     030603-21b.jpg (26608 bytes)     030603-22b.jpg (27614 bytes)     Our first was gone, so we wait for the second one back to our WNW.  The second LP went to our north and produced two CG's that we know of.  I shot a long exposure to capture the structure and a bolt from the blue occurred!!

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