2003 June 1
Copyright 2003 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  SW KS

Discussion: Jeff Lawson, Scott Blair, and I observed a gorgeous shelf cloud in SW Kansas.  We observed storms developing near the town of Johnson, Kansas, which quickly became outflow dominant and morphed into a shelf cloud.  We stopped near Sublette, Kansas, to watch the huge wind power generators.


030601-1b.jpg (30332 bytes)     030601-2b.jpg (27810 bytes)     030601-3b.jpg (26431 bytes)     030601-4b.jpg (31222 bytes)      Developing shelf cloud near Johnson, Kansas.

030601-5b.jpg (26431 bytes)     030601-6b.jpg (24557 bytes)     030601-7b.jpg (26067 bytes)      Near or in the town of Sublette, Kansas, a gorgeous shelf passing over the wind farm.  Many of them turned off due to the winds exceeding 50mph.  They quickly turned back on once the winds subsided.

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