2003 May 23
Copyright 2003 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  NE NM

Discussion: Scott Blair and I targeted northeast New Mexico and observed a supercell near Moses, NM which dropped golf ball and larger sized hail.


030523-1b.jpg (3658 bytes)     The north side of the storm as it slowly drifted east-northeast.

030523-5b.jpg (7603 bytes)      030523-2b.jpg (5783 bytes)      030523-3b.jpg (11793 bytes)      030523-4b.jpg (7556 bytes)      Scott Blair holding up some hail and gathering stones when the hail subsided.

030523-7b.jpg (8442 bytes)     030523-8b.jpg (7079 bytes)      More hail pictures.

030523-6b.jpg (3968 bytes)      We arrived at our hotel and had a spectacular view to our east!

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