2003 May 9
Copyright 2003 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  SW / C OK

Discussion: None


030509-1b.jpg (3605 bytes)      Storm near Cordell, OK which was the storm that produced the series of tornadoes from Cougar to Tulsa.

030509-2b.jpg (3675 bytes)      030509-3b.jpg (4305 bytes)      Intense wallcloud developed and quickly occluded.  Violent rotation was observed.

030509-4b.jpg (3678 bytes)      A new lowering to our SE quickly wrapped in rain and reportingly produced a wedge tornado wrapped in rain.

030509-5b.jpg (4556 bytes)      030509-6b.jpg (6547 bytes)      Tornado as it hit power lines in OKC metro.  (video captures)

030509-9b.jpg (4973 bytes)      030509-8b.jpg (12016 bytes)      A tornado siren that didn't do so well when it was struck by the OKC tornado.

030509-10b.jpg (10669 bytes)      030509-11b.jpg (6343 bytes)      030509-7b.jpg (8488 bytes)      Some damage to homes and businesses.  Also, an image of some fuel that leaked out of an industrial building, obviously toxic to plants and animals.   Images were taken two days after the OKC tornado.

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