2002 August 12
Copyright 2002 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  SW KS / OK PAN

Discussion: I'm late writing this report so it will be brief.  I saw a very nice supercell which began near Dodge City, KS, and then moved south picking up speed with time, toward the Oklahoma Panhandle.  I also observed a very brief spin-up under the wallcloud and funnel.  I didn't know if it was indeed a tornado until confirmation came from another chaser much closer then I was.   A second rapid spin-up occurred close to the KS/OK border along an occluded wallcloud.  It caught me off guard as it was only lightning lit due to nightfall.   This was probably a gustnado, however, it did make SPC Storm Data.  It was an excellent August chase!!


020812-1b.JPG (14656 bytes)     020812-1vb.JPG (15100 bytes)      Supercell just SW of DDC.  Several wallclouds developed early in its life, this is probably the third one of the day from this storm.  Where the inflow tail and wallcloud intersection was, a brief tornado was reported and a small dusty debris cloud shows up on video when I zoomed in, however, it didn't show in this wide angle digital image.

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