2002 June 15
Copyright 2002 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  SW KS / TX PAN

Discussion: Jason Poliette and I left Trinidad, CO and drove west towards the dryline.  Supercells fired very early in the day up in Nebraska.  More supercells formed and became more of an MCS near Goodland, KS moving south rapidly.  We got on a developing supercell on the SW side of the MCS which ended up being the show of the day.  We observed this supercell show below near Garden City, KS and near Ulysses, KS a short-lived tornado developed .  Prior to the tornado and tornado warning, our wallcloud suddenly began to rotate violently and wrap golf ball hail around it.  The tornado touched down 1/2 a mile from Jason and I to our E and SE.  Hail began to get rather large and due to poor roads we drove east and south again to stay ahead of it.  Once this tornado died and the wallcloud occluded, things began to get really bizarre structure wise.  We eventually bagged it when it crossed into the Oklahoma Panhandle and drove due south towards newly developing supercells near Dalhart, TX.  We never really caught up with them as they moved east at 10mph and then south at 20+mph.  By the days end they were hauling south and leaving significant damage in their wake.  Hwy 287 was once again shut down due to damage from just Amarillo to Clarendon, TX.  Semi-Trucks, campers, etc were blown over. Construction markers and other debris were also blown all over the roads.


020615-1b.JPG (14135 bytes)      Image of our developing tornado, rotation was strong and tight as it began to touch down.  Large hail exceeding golf ball began to fall at the time of the image.

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