2002 June 11
Copyright 2002 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  NC KS

Discussion: A major HP supercell chase!   I got out there a little late and when I got on what appeared to be a nice classic high based supercell, it blasted me with strong winds.  I didn't' have an anemometer on since it was still being fixed from the May 27th hail event.  We stayed ahead of the storms and at times had decent rotation in the storms wallclouds until they would get ripped apart.  Jason Poliette and I saw an interesting spin-up which lasted for a while underneath some moderate rotation, the spin-up was moving northward slowly which makes me think it wasn't induced by the outflow.  Certainly the outflow didn't undercut it fast enough to prevent this possible tornado.  After that it was a race to stay ahead of the outflow and leading edge HP supercell.  Many people were very agitated when they were coming out of this storm, one spotter pulled over and told us he had been blown into the ditch twice.  He was done spotting after his encounter and continued to flee the storm to seek a more sturdy shelter.  We finally gave up near a Pizza Hut in the middle of nowhere KS.  I don't have much info now since I'm writing this in Jan 2003.  Images show the nice outflow and HP supercell.


020611-1b.jpg (10433 bytes)     020611v-1b.jpg (16250 bytes)      RFD and gust front slowing moving southward.  Later on before nightfall we took refuge in this Pizza Hut and ate while the lights flickered.  Two video captures.

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