2002 May 21
Copyright 2002 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  WY

Discussion: Me, Jeff Gammons, Chris Collura, & Jason in their car and Scott Blair his car targeted central Wyoming for a slight chance of some decent storms.  Instead, a turbulent shelf formed along with strong outflow behind it.  A few gustnadoes formed and one formed near my vehicle.   Some kind of wind gust prior to the gustnado threw some turf wire into the road which wrapped around my tires really tight.  Then the gustnado went over the vehicle with a 73 mph wind gust recorded.  It wasn't until several days later that I was finally able to cut off the turf wire stuff.  We met up with other chasers at Pizza Hut and watched the wind kick up dust and blow people around.


020521-1b.JPG (12896 bytes)     020521-2b.JPG (16693 bytes)      020521-3b.JPG (17801 bytes)      Very turbulent shelf cloud formed near Casper, Wyoming.   Strong winds kept dust suspended in the air.  Note the brownish tint to the sky.

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