2002 May 16
Copyright 2002 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  SE CO / OK PAN / TX PAN

Discussion: We originally thought storms would fire in far SE CO / SW KS border, however storms rapidly fired a little east of that area.  Classic to HP supercells formed pretty much everywhere from SW KS to C TX Panhandle.  Our supercell near Goodwell, OK developed an unexpected multivortex tornado with no condensation until it was undercut.  After that it was a mad dash to get away from the storm or stay ahead of it as it was produced baseball sized hail.   Visibility was rather poor due to the amount of dust this storm suspended in the air.  Towards dark we took video and stills of the lightning lit spiral updraft with a wallcloud on it.  It was an amazing chase day!


020516-4b.jpg (9716 bytes)     020516-5b.jpg (8482 bytes)      This is the goodwell tornado during the latter half of its life.  It caught us off guard so I didn't get good stills of it.  Later on the storm still had a nice round appearance to the base.   This storm became quite violent with time as it's inflow and outflow increased putting tons of dust into the air making it impossible to visually see the storm's base.   Since we were low on gas we quickly gassed up and left ASAP so the storm wouldn't eat us.

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