2002 May 6
Copyright 2002 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  C KS

Discussion:  Brief discussion since I'm writing this months later.  Things paid off as we got a very nice long-lived supercell in central Kansas.  Dave Fick and I targeted an area just N and NW of ICT.   Storms developed rather weak and remained so until finally a storm got its act together near Newton, KS I believe (writing this Jan 2003).  It was pretty high based but still a decent classic supercell with a wallcloud and tennis ball sized hail.  We ran into THREE closed roads that day, one of them was our escape route of a small town as the sirens went off and we though a tornado looked quite possible.  At the same time golf ball and tennis ball sized hail began to fall.  With the sirens screaming, hail falling, and rotation almost overhead now, we decided to drive south of the closed road which paid off quite nicely.  It was closed for about a mile or two and went back to asphalt.  We took an east route and once again encountered another closed road, as our road dead ended.  We stopped there since we were in a safe position and enjoyed the tennis ball sized hail falling.  Several yards away a small pin with cows were getting pelted, however, the hail didn't' last long and we went outside to gather it up to measure it.  Images of the hail are below.


020506-2b.JPG (19610 bytes)     Convection rapidly developed early in the day as Dave and I drove north towards ICT.  This particular convection didn't organize too much, however, a little later an isolated classic supercell developed near Newton, KS.

020506-1b.jpg (21597 bytes)     020506v-1b.jpg (20188 bytes)      Large hail fell from this supercell.  Due to many KS roads being closed, we were unable to keep up with the supercell after dark.  We did go out and collect some hail that fell as it passed overhead.

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