2002 May 4
Copyright 2002 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  SW TX

Discussion: Dave Fick, Amos Magliocco, Jeff Lawson, and I targeted just NE of San Angelo (SJT).  We later caught up with Steve Miller prior to the red box and convective development near SJT.  A large supercell developed, HP in nature, which quickly developed a wallcloud with strong rotation.   Despite its organization, cold outflow likely undercut the meso just after it had a brief tornado.  Once the occlusion took place, we blasted east to get out of the hail which damaged the windows a little.  Later that night we were near Brady, TX watching for a tornado that was reported in the area.  Its unconfirmed if we visibly saw it due to nightfall and poor visibility.  A very fun and exciting chase!.


020504-4b.JPG (14080 bytes)     020504-5b.JPG (12000 bytes)     020504-6b.JPG (9639 bytes)     A wallcloud quickly developed in front of this huge clear slot that developed.  The weak tornado is on video which I'll have to add some captures.   Near San Angelo, TX.

020504-1b.jpg (15298 bytes)     020504-2b.jpg (20258 bytes)     Large hail fell after the wallcloud that produced the weak tornado occluded.   It started off small but increased in size as we made our way east.

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