2002 April 13
Copyright 2002 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  W TX

Discussion: I targeted the boundary intersection near Plainview, TX and met up with Scott Blair and Jason Poliette.  I had a late start so it took some time to catch up to these storms out west.  When we arrived to our storm it began to become outflow dominant and a new updraft formed which was the LP storm.  As you can see on the images, a tail formed and then a wallcloud.   I had to head east quickly to be in position to take images since this thing was too close to photograph the entire thing.  We got some nice friendly pea to dime sized hail from this storm.  Once it died we looked back to our west to see another huge updraft go up.  When we arrived to it the only interesting thing was the anticyclonic north split which quickly died.


020413-1b.jpg (17362 bytes)     We tried to take a road west up the caprock, however, the road was closed due to construction and it was too soft to continue anyway.    That's Jason and Scott turning around.

020413-2b.jpg (13630 bytes)     020413-3b.jpg (14523 bytes)     020413-4b.jpg (14636 bytes)     This is the base of the LP storm.  I couldn't get all of it on one image so its hard to imagine how wonderful the whole thing looked from our vantage point.   It was a great storm on early April standards.  Rain began to engulf the updraft and it eventually died.

020413-5b.JPG (15560 bytes)     Back to the west a weak supercell formed and split, image showing the north anticyclonic split with wallcloud.

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