2002 April 12
Copyright 2002 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  S OK / W TX

Discussion: I left early that morning to head down to Denton, TX to pick up my chase partner Jeff Lawson.  One of the reasons I left as early as I did was to get down to the Ardmore, OK area to observe some severe storms already occurring.  There were some intense individual cells and one on going supercell in a cluster.  When I reached a storm that was severe for a while it had just gone east of I-35 leaving a swatch of small hail several inches deep on the side of the road.  So naturally I got out and took stills.  Nothing materialized later that day.


020412-1b.jpg (21538 bytes)     020412-2b.jpg (21090 bytes)     020412-3b.jpg (23420 bytes)     020412-4b.jpg (19265 bytes)      Images of the hail off I-35 just north of the Texas border.   As you can see its innocent hail, but large quantities like this can be hazardous to drive on, especially on a major highway.

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