2001 May 24
Copyright 2001 Eric Nguyen
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Area Chased:  S TX

Discussion: I left the night before with Scott Blair.  We went to Weatherford, TX and stayed the night at a hotel with bad management.  The next morning we drove west and south to Fredericksburg, TX.  We got some data and met up with Amos and Jeff Lawson.  Storms began to develop so we moved west to I-10 and watch an elevated storm with a thunderstorm warning on it.   Scott suggested we move west and after a peak at radar, we left immediately westbound.  Radar showed a supercell with 71dBz and 69VIL moving due south, and it had a meso on it.  So we drove west on 41 and caught a glimpse of a storm with a midlevel inflow band on it.  Confidence was high as we approached a gorgeous storm to our WSW.  After watching it a while, Scott and I thought we'd move south toward Camp Wood, TX to get a view from the south.  The storm went HP and began to drop some large hail west of 335, however we never really got into any significant hail.  Once we reached Camp Wood, TX we drove north on 55 back to Rock Springs, TX.  It was there that we pulled over to get some pictures of the incredible shelf cloud and purple cloud to ground lightning.  Once the chase was over with, we regrouped in Rock Springs, TX and went our separate ways.  Scott and I stayed in San Angelo, TX.  The bug infestation continued into San Angelo and it didn't seem to mind the locals.  We ate that night at Dennies which gave Scott and I a culture shock.  All-in-all I really liked the day.  I have a bias toward chasing in S TX.  I cut all of my paper maps off at latitude 32 since I really don't like chasing in those areas.  Lack of roads and very mountainous regions west of Austin have always plagued me.  Today was different, it turned out well, including the pictures.


1) Rotating base to our due south.  2) Awesome lightning afterward.  3) Very nice shelf after it went HP.

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